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@ DC Arts Center

in Adams Morgan

2438 18th Street NW
Washington, DC

Fri. Nov 12, 7:30 PM -- Heather Fuller, Sandra Doller, Chris Nealon, Mel Nichols, Ward Tietz

Nov 13, 7:30 PM -- Ryan Walker, Buck Downs, Ben Doller, Cathy Eisenhower, Mark McMorris,Terence Winch

Sun.Nov 14, 7:30 PM: Rod Smith, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ken Jacobs, Theodora Danylevich, Dan Gutstein, Leslie Bumstead, Bryan Koen, Maureen Thorson, Wade Fletcher

Saturday, November 07, 2009

kent or kenny?

Kenny Goldsmith? Kent Johnson

Monday night at Bridge Street Books in Washington, DC--a signed copy of Day by Kenneth Goldsmith:

in this photo:  Kenny Goldsmith and Rod Smith

Friday, April 17, 2009

catalytic exteriorization phenomenon

New Book Launch Rae Armantrout Mel Nichols
8:00PM Friday April 17th @ Bridge Street Books
2814 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC
Please join us at 8:00PM Friday April 17th @ Bridge Street Books for a reading and publication celebration featuring Rae Armantrout & Mel Nichols. 

Armantrout's VERSED was recently published by Wesleyan University Press. CATALYTIC EXTERIORIZATION PHENOMENON by Mel Nichols is just out from Edge Books

Rae Armantrout has forged a growing international reputation--publishing eight remarkable books of poems including the brand new Versed (Wesleyan, 2009). Other books include Up to Speed (Wesleyan, 2004) and Veil: New and Selected Poems (Wesleyan, 2001), as well as countless poems in anthologies (Best American Poetry 2002, and Postmodern American Poetry, and a Norton Anthology, 1994). She has taught writing at The University of California San Diego for almost two decades.  

Mel Nichols is the author of Bicycle Day (Slack Buddha Press 2008), The Beginning of Beauty, Part 1: hottest new ringtones mnichol6 (Edge Books 2007), Day Poems (Edge Books 2005), and due out from Edge Books in mid-April, Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon (finalist in the National Poetry Series). With Mark Cunningham she recently collaborated on the online chapbook nightlightnight.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


8PM Saturday Feb 7
The i.e. reading series
Cathy Eisenhower, Mel Nichols, Rod Smith

L O F Studios
120 W. North Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

big bear

Cheryl’s Gone Reading Series
June 19: DJ Renegade, Mel Nichols, Ryan Call, Tone Ghosting
8pm - free
Big Bear Cafe
1700 1st St NW, at 1st and R
Washington DC

Joel Dias Porter (aka DJ Renegade) was the 1998 and 1999 National Haiku Slam Champion. His poems have been published in Time Magazine, The Washington Post, Callaloo, Antioch Review, and the anthologies Meow: Spoken Word from the Black Cat, Role Call, Def Poetry Jam, 360 Degrees of Black Poetry, Slam (The Book), Revival: Spoken Word from Lollapallooza, Poetry Nation, Beyond the Frontier, Catch a Fire, and The Black Rooster Social Inn, which he also edited. In 1995, he received the Furious Flower “Emerging Poet Award” from James Madison University. He has performed on the Today Show, in a commercial for Legal Jeans, in the documentaries Voices Against Violence and SlamNation, on BET’s Teen Summit and By the Book, and in the feature film Slam.

Mel Nichols is the author of Bicycle Day (Slack Buddha 2008), The Beginning of Beauty, Part 1: hottest new ringtones, mnichol6 (Edge 2007), Day Poems (Edge 2005), and the forthcoming book Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon. Poems have recently appeared or will soon appear in New Ohio Review (/nor), Van Gogh’s Ear, Practice, and Abraham Lincoln. She lives in Washington, DC and curates the Ruthless Grip Series at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Sliver Spring, Maryland.

Ryan Call is a recent MFA graduate of George Mason University and the former fiction editor of Phoebe. His short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Barrelhouse, Avery, Hobart, Caketrain, NO COLONY, and Sonora Review.

A solo project of Jeff Bagato (aka DJ Panic), Tone Ghosting features a unique homemade instrument he invented himself: playing vinyl LPs with small hacksaw & electronic FX, magnifying, modifying, & energizing the small scrapes & squeaks to create a complex musical vocabulary. The patented “Tone Ghosting process” includes looping these sounds, reformulating them in frenetic live dubs, & adding freeform vocal madness. Tone Ghosting creates a unique sonic universe somewhere between the attack of power electronics & the complex mind-body games of electronica & non-idiomatic free improvisation.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

bicycle day | mel nichols

new book from slack buddha press:
Bicycle Day
Mel Nichols

you can get it here:

Bridge Street Books


coming May 3rd: buy online using paypal
[or contact: aerialedge@gmail.com]



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Monday, November 12, 2007


the project continues for november

Monday, August 20, 2007

it's here

Rod Smith's beautiful Deed has arrived--one advance copy at any rate. And with a most excellent cover photo by Tim Davis. Should be available in early September.

This is The Good House & Other Poems. You want this book.

“The great thing about Rod Smith’s work is that it is all risk all the time. In Deed, he has built a substantial architecture whose ‘perilous upkeep’ is dazzling. This is a truly wondrous book.”—Peter Gizzi

“A master poet among us? I’d vote for Rod Smith. With the sweeping vision of Whitman, the noun-play of Gertrude Stein, and the slant political commentary of the New York School, Smith chisels out a place of his own with a tremendous integrity of vision. Deed contains the best of what American poetry has to offer: a place to pause and reflect upon the beauty of language and love flowering up through the mayhem of the world.” —Lisa Jarnot, author, Black Dog Songs

A deed is a governmental conveyance, a power asserted by the written, for, as William Carlos Williams wrote to Robert Creeley: “the government can never be more than the government of the words.” The question of ownership, of the words with which we define ourselves and each other, and of whose and what claims are legitimate is much at issue in Rod Smith’s Deed, a lyric, ambitious, rebellious work thoroughly grounded in the New American tradition of poets such as John Ashbery, Allen Ginsberg, and Charles Olson.

At the entrance to this collection stands an abode in the form of a long poem, “The Good House,” a comfortable, at times soothingly humorous place that is also a site of conflict. In “The Spider Poems,” the mythic spider, the maker of the alphabet, is a figure of fun and revelation. The third section of the book presents a series of shorter poems chosen for their stylistic variety. Deed ends with a nod to two masters, as Smith turns Jack Spicer’s “Homage to Creeley” into a double homage with “Homage to Homage to Creeley.” The gesture of choosing what one brings into one’s house, what one decides to love, closes the book.

Deed is about making as bequeathing, as celebration, and as impatience for the true democracy that is always yet to arrive. There is still joy inside and out, and by giving us Deed Rod Smith has captured that joy. In so doing he tells us where we as a people, a politik, and a poetic are going.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

rock heals

rock heals
recently posted poems from the daily projects of jamie, adam, ryan, and me (week 117).

ryan walker wrote a really nice review of my new chapbook for rock heals earlier this summer.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

senanque (provence)


Friday, August 03, 2007

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007


rod and i are expecting some baby mourning doves on our balcony in about 2 weeks...

april blog project

my blog project for april

Friday, April 13, 2007


@ Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
Saturday, April 14, 2007, 8:00PM

7:30-8:00PM Champagne Reception! Please come!

Please join the Ruthless Grip Poetry Series for a reading by C.S. Giscombe, Susan Tichy, and Ken Rumble on Saturday, April 14, at 8:00PM.

C.S. Giscombe's recent poetry books are Giscome Road and Inland. He currently teaches at Penn State and will be teaching at U. C. Berkeley starting in fall 2007. His EPC author page is located at http://epc.buffalo.edu/authors/ giscombe/.

Susan Tichy's books are Bone Pagoda (Ahsahta Press, 2007), A Smell of Burning Starts the Day (Wesleyan University Press, 1988), and The Hands in Exile (Random House, 1983), which was chosen for the National Poetry Series. Her poems, collaborations, and mixed-genre works have been published in the U.S. and Britain, most recently in such journals as 42opus, Agni, Beloit Poetry Journal, Court Green, CutBank, Denver Quarterly, Fascicle, Free Verse, and Indiana Review. She lives in Colorado and in Virginia, where she teaches in the Graduate Writing Program at George Mason University. She also serves as poetry editor for Practice: New Writing + Art, and has just launched The Mag/pie, a blog about poetic collaboration and collage.

Ken Rumble is the author of Key Bridge (Carolina Wren Press, 2007) and a contributing editor for Fascicle. His poems have been published in Talisman, Parakeet, Cranky, Cutbank, Typo, Octopus, and others. He lives in Greensboro, NC, and works for the Green Hill Center for NC Art. [Ron Silliman just gave Ken's new book a big review on his blog.]

We hope you can join us for the reading and the festivities afterwards.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is located at 8230 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, MD, three blocks from the Metro red line. For directions: http://www.pyramidatlanticartcenter.org/about/contact.htm

broadsides in progress

Monday, April 09, 2007

hey mike!

Rod Smith tagged me with this meme...

More Mike commands at Tong Bliss and Unreliable Zygote.

“Hey Mike! Grab a cowboy and get the cattle burger on your banana boat! Giddy up!”

“Hey Mike, I need you to rub this all over a character from the cantina scene in Star Wars.

"Hey Mike, I need you to break out your Bach & Rock and stick it in a dry dock."

“Hey Mike, I need you step into the walk-in and beat off to these K-Mart panties.”

"Hey Mike, I need you to take this twine and truss up the bobcat that just landed in my mise en place."

“Hey Mike, I need you to write a persuasive essay about how much my dad and I love your show. Also do you want to go to a party with me on Sunday?”

I tag Maureen, Cathy, Stan, Brian + all of [blank] device, Katie, and Gary.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

what is this?

Whatever it is, you can get it at the Giant Food Mart by my house.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

flarf tour | spring 2007

photos by rod smith and mel nichols >>>
photos by nada gordon >>>
photos by kaplan harris >>>
gary sullivan's blog report >>>
gary sullivan's blog report from philly >>>


An Evening of Flarf

i.e. reading series presents
The Flarf Collective
Sat. Feb. 17th- 7 pm til? @!
Dionysus Restaurant & Lounge
8 E. Preston Street, Baltimore, MD

followd bye

An Afternoon of Flarf

@ District of Columbia Arts Center
2438 18th Street NW, Washington DC
Sun. Feb. 18th, 3 - 6 pm

Performers will include:

Katie Degentesh, author of The Anger Scale
Drew Gardner, author of Petroleum Hat & Sugar Pill
Benjamin Friedlander, author of A Knot is Not a Tangle & Simulcast
Nada Gordon, auhor of V. Imp & Foriegnn Bodie
Rodney Koeneke, author of Musee Mechanique & Rouge State
Michael Magee, author of Mainstream & My Angie Dickinson
Sharon Mesmer, author of In Ordinary Time & The Empty Quarter
Mel Nichols, author of Day Poems
Rod Smith, author of Music or Honesty & The Good House
Gary Sullivan, author of How to Proceed in the Arts & Elsewhere

+ Film by Brandon Downing, author of Dark Brandon

+ FlarfOrchestra conducted by Drew Gardner
featuring Flarf Collective members &

The Brain Wave Chick
Jason Hamrick, trumpet
Buck Downs & Ryan Walker, guitars
Jamie Gaughran-Perez, guitar etc.
Adam Good, bass
Gary Sullivan, ocarina

The District of Columbia Arts Center is located between the Dupont Circle and Woodley Park metro stations. For directions, see the DCAC web site.

A large sample of what has come be known as flarf can be found at.

Thursday, 2/8 6:00 PM in the Arts Cafe: The MACHINE series presents a Flarf Poetry Festival, co-sponsored by Combo Arts. Note that this program was recorded for the PENNsound archive, and is now available as a downloadable mp3 file.

Inappropriate, odd, disturbing and hilarious, Flarf Poetry is an avant garde poetry movement of the late 20th and the early 21st centuries. The program will feature several prominent Flarf practitioners, including Nada Gordon, Mike Magee, Mel Nichols, Rod Smith, Sharon Mesmer, Gary Sullivan, and a film by Brandon Downing.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rod Smith & Dana Ward @ Pyramid 2/10 8 PM

@ Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

Saturday, February 10, 2007, 8:00PM

Rod Smith is the author of In Memory of My Theories (O Books), Protective Immediacy (Roof), New Mannerist Tricycle with Lisa Jarnot and Bill Luoma (Beautiful Swimmer), Music or Honesty (Roof), The Good House (Spectacular Books), Fear the Sky (Narrow House Recordings), and Deed (forthcoming from the University of Iowa Press). He is also editing, with Peter Baker and Kaplan Harris, The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley, for the University of California Press.

Dana Ward is the author of New Couriers (Dusie 2006), I Didn't Build This Machine (Boog Literature, 2004) & The Imaginary Lives of My Neighbors (Duration, 2003). Recent poems have appeared in Mirage #4/Periodical, string of small machines, Small Town, & other places. He lives in Cincinnati & edits Cy Press.

We hope you can join us for the reading and the festivities afterwards.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is located at 8230 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, MD, three blocks from the Metro red line. For directions: http://www.pyramidatlanticartcenter.org/about/contact.htm

Letterpress Broadsides of the poets (made in collaboration with printmaker Val Lucas of Pyramid Atlantic) will be available at the reading.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007

feng shui tip for today

If a pet upsets a romance, move photos of the animal out of the boudoir. Keep two fresh flowers in the far right corner.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

better living through chemistry

Albert Hofmann turns 101 today.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

he fed so many of us

Momofuku Ando, Inventor of Instant Ramen Noodles

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

because it's all about meme

Got tagged by Rodney Koeneke to state five little-known facts:

1. Had a very brief career as a busker in Rouen, France.
2. Also had a very brief career as a karaoke star in Rouen, France.
3. Supported myself through college, in part (not briefly), as a rock-n-roll caterer ("rock" broadly defined to also include the likes of Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, and Milli Vanilli)(and of course bands like White Snake).
4. In high school I was in Show Choir. We had to wear these horribly designed red dresses.
5. Fred (my pop) developed the VideoDisc with RCA (remember those?)--not to be confused with LaserDisc, which came later--VideoDisc had a stylus. One of my early childhood memories is watching King Kong on VideoDisc.