Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007


rod and i are expecting some baby mourning doves on our balcony in about 2 weeks...

april blog project

my blog project for april

Friday, April 13, 2007


@ Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
Saturday, April 14, 2007, 8:00PM

7:30-8:00PM Champagne Reception! Please come!

Please join the Ruthless Grip Poetry Series for a reading by C.S. Giscombe, Susan Tichy, and Ken Rumble on Saturday, April 14, at 8:00PM.

C.S. Giscombe's recent poetry books are Giscome Road and Inland. He currently teaches at Penn State and will be teaching at U. C. Berkeley starting in fall 2007. His EPC author page is located at giscombe/.

Susan Tichy's books are Bone Pagoda (Ahsahta Press, 2007), A Smell of Burning Starts the Day (Wesleyan University Press, 1988), and The Hands in Exile (Random House, 1983), which was chosen for the National Poetry Series. Her poems, collaborations, and mixed-genre works have been published in the U.S. and Britain, most recently in such journals as 42opus, Agni, Beloit Poetry Journal, Court Green, CutBank, Denver Quarterly, Fascicle, Free Verse, and Indiana Review. She lives in Colorado and in Virginia, where she teaches in the Graduate Writing Program at George Mason University. She also serves as poetry editor for Practice: New Writing + Art, and has just launched The Mag/pie, a blog about poetic collaboration and collage.

Ken Rumble is the author of Key Bridge (Carolina Wren Press, 2007) and a contributing editor for Fascicle. His poems have been published in Talisman, Parakeet, Cranky, Cutbank, Typo, Octopus, and others. He lives in Greensboro, NC, and works for the Green Hill Center for NC Art. [Ron Silliman just gave Ken's new book a big review on his blog.]

We hope you can join us for the reading and the festivities afterwards.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is located at 8230 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, MD, three blocks from the Metro red line. For directions:

broadsides in progress

Monday, April 09, 2007

hey mike!

Rod Smith tagged me with this meme...

More Mike commands at Tong Bliss and Unreliable Zygote.

“Hey Mike! Grab a cowboy and get the cattle burger on your banana boat! Giddy up!”

“Hey Mike, I need you to rub this all over a character from the cantina scene in Star Wars.

"Hey Mike, I need you to break out your Bach & Rock and stick it in a dry dock."

“Hey Mike, I need you step into the walk-in and beat off to these K-Mart panties.”

"Hey Mike, I need you to take this twine and truss up the bobcat that just landed in my mise en place."

“Hey Mike, I need you to write a persuasive essay about how much my dad and I love your show. Also do you want to go to a party with me on Sunday?”

I tag Maureen, Cathy, Stan, Brian + all of [blank] device, Katie, and Gary.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

what is this?

Whatever it is, you can get it at the Giant Food Mart by my house.