Tuesday, January 02, 2007

because it's all about meme

Got tagged by Rodney Koeneke to state five little-known facts:

1. Had a very brief career as a busker in Rouen, France.
2. Also had a very brief career as a karaoke star in Rouen, France.
3. Supported myself through college, in part (not briefly), as a rock-n-roll caterer ("rock" broadly defined to also include the likes of Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, and Milli Vanilli)(and of course bands like White Snake).
4. In high school I was in Show Choir. We had to wear these horribly designed red dresses.
5. Fred (my pop) developed the VideoDisc with RCA (remember those?)--not to be confused with LaserDisc, which came later--VideoDisc had a stylus. One of my early childhood memories is watching King Kong on VideoDisc.


Anonymous said...

Just found this site and thought it might be useful to chat to people who are trying to accomplish the same as me!

I spend too much of my life on the internet and look forward to chatting to you all and picking up and sharing ideas along the way!

Peace out.

Anonymous said...


I begin on internet with a directory